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A Symphony of Light and Music at Osaka Hikari-Renaissance

Posted By on Jan 6, 2014


Located along the waterfront in Nakanoshima, each year the Hikari Renaissance brings a warm holidays  atmosphere to the city of Osaka.


Accompanied by light and sound, there are two main showcases, neither that you’ll want to miss. The first area is known as the Festival Park of the Light, which takes place over Osaka’s City Hall. At night it is here that the buildings facades are lit up with 3D mapping displays to tell a story. Beautiful colors and light are projected in order to tell the story “A Dance of Light: The Tale of Minerva and Mercury”.


The Minerva and Mercury are two statues that have been long withstanding on the City Hall’s roof. The show begins with a simple musical fanfare as lights transform the Minerva and Mercury statues as light dances around them. Watch and let the music and light transport you into the world of dreams.

Once the show is over, be sure to stop by Nakanoshima Illumination Street. Located next to City Hall, this pathway lined with ginko trees has been transformed by light. Follow the path and watch as the lights come alive and dance in time to the music.


The second venue is the Nakanoshima Rose Light Park. Here you’ll see contest entries that involve the theme “nature”. From beautiful multi-colored roses to water rippling to gentle grass swaying in the wind, everything in this exhibit is made of light and changes with time- just like nature itself.

As you walk through the light-inspired structures, you’re bound to be entertained by one of the many street performers you may meet. There will be traditional arts, jugglers and more to entertain people of all ages during this special holiday event.


At the end of your time at Hikari Renaissance, be sure to stop by the Marche of Light to check out some of the delicious snacks and street food.

This is one of the largest holiday events in Osaka, and it’s one you won’t want to miss!

Nakanoshima park, Midosuji, Osaka

[post by Beth]


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Beth Williams

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