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Narusawa Ice Cave Chills Visitors in Yamanashi

Posted By on Aug 15, 2014



The lake region of Mt. Fuji has plenty to offer travelers. From hot springs to outdoor recreation, there’s something for everyone to enjoy throughout the year.


Near the five lakes of Mt. Fuji, there are several caves open to visitors. From wind to ice, each cave is known for a particular trait. Narusawa Ice Cave is a chilly option for visitors. With a temperature of zero degrees Celsius, the cave’s interior is a strong contrast to a warm spring day above ground. Visitors are advised to dress warmly and wear sturdy shoes. Ice, after all, tends to be quite slippery. For tall visitors, a helmet is recommended strongly, since sections of the cave are extremely low and narrow. At some points, it is necessary to crawl.


As visitors descend into the cave down slippery steps of concrete and rock, the temperature drops drastically. Following a narrow, dark tunnel, a small shrine and ice walls await. Farther on are the giant icicles, illuminated by bright lights for a stunning effect. The floor can be incredibly slippery, so it is necessary to take caution when walking around. The entire descent and ascent only takes about 15 minutes, which makes the excursion enjoyable without prolonged exposure to the cold.



Climbing back out of the cave, it’s difficult to believe that such a place exists amid the tall trees of the area. As exciting as cave exploring can be, it’s always nice to be back out and into the sunshine! Near the ticket office, on the way out, there is a small gift shop with a lot to offer. From funny T-shirts to giant Mt. Fuji stuffed animals, souvenirs can be purchased for family members and friends with varying tastes.


Narusawa Ice Cave is open year round. When visiting the five lakes region, be sure to stop by!


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