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Apple Season in Nagano

Posted By on Nov 3, 2015


IMG_3552From the United States to Japan, many people associate certain foods with autumn. As autumn begins, persimmons come to supermarkets and restaurant dishes throughout Japan. In the US, people look forward to pumpkin-flavored cakes, cookies, drinks and everything in between.

Apples, it seems, are a shared interest among many countries. While convenience stores and grocery stores make it easy to purchase apples for cooking or enjoying as is, the real fun of apple season involves going to an orchard and picking some yourself.

Many prefectures offer apple-picking. From Yamanashi, known for its fruit year-long, to the mountains of Nagano, apples are available in dozens of varieties throughout the country.

No apple tastes fresher than that picked straight off the tree. Why not give it a try?IMG_3536

Head to Nagano for the apple-picking experience and a beautiful scenery in which to enjoy it. One place particularly lovely for apple-picking is the city of Iida in Nagano prefecture. Iida is located in the mountain valleys and provides a spectacular view.

Following WWII, much of the city had to be rebuilt due to war damage and a subsequent fire a few years later. Along the main street, apple trees were planted which became symbolic to the town.IMG_3479

These days, visitors come from all over Japan to enjoy apple picking in Iida. Many orchards offer the activity. Within the orchard, visitors can eat unlimited quantities as they pick the apples they want to bring home. Purchased apples can then be lugged back home in bags or boxes or shipped to an address for an additional fee.

Be sure to drop by Nagano for some fresh apples!



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