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Appreciating Autumn in Tokyo

Posted By on Nov 2, 2015


IMG_6191As the countryside and mountainous areas of Japan burst into autumn’s hues of gold, red and orange, the major cities often feel underwhelming. Exploring a concrete jungle may be entertaining, but there’s nothing more refreshing than a taste of autumn’s nature. 

Staying in cities for the duration of your stay in Japan? No need to worry. There are plenty of chances to appreciate autumn in big cities.

In Kyoto, there are beautiful autumn sights to behold within a 20 minute train ride of the city’s center. In Tokyo, the opportunities are spread farther but worth the journey.IMG_6115

1. Kagurazaka. Explore the quiet neighborhood near Iidabashi for a delightful afternoon. Take a stroll along the neighborhood’s main street to take in the autumn air and vivid colors of foliage. Rest at a cafe and browse little shops for a comfortable afternoon.

2. Yoyogi Park. Head to Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park for an unforgettable afternoon. Jog, bike or walk under the breathtaking foliage throughout the park. The best place to picnic under foliage is near the central pond and water fountains.

3. Omotenashi Resort at Shirokane. Located within a private hotel and restaurant is one of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo and arguably Japan as a whole. The Omotenashi Resort houses a delicate garden with ancient bonsai trees and well-kept landscape that acts as a wedding backdrop year-round. Enjoy lunch at the restaurant with a perfect view of the entire garden. While the grounds are technically private to hotel guests only, the staff is very welcoming and will point you toward the garden regardless of your guest status.

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