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ASABA 「あさば」 The grandeur of the Noh theater and nature

Posted By on Oct 2, 2011


Asaba, located in the tranquil hot springs village of Shuzenji on the Izu Peninsula, has been a source of great inspiration since its establishment back in 1489. It’s owners throughout the years have done an exceptional job of preserving tradition by complimenting its historic architecture with simplicity and elegance while also allowing the inn to blend into it’s natural surroundings.

Asaba is also well known for its Noh stage that floats over a large pond and is lit up in the early evening to invite guests to a world of subtle and profound beauty. The waters of the pond and the lush green mountains provide a beautiful natural backdrop for the stage.

3450-1, Shuzenji
Izushi, Shizuoka ken

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