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Beautiful Moments, Always: Japanese Style Wedding & Photo Plan

Posted By on Aug 21, 2017


Beautiful Moments Always: Japanese Style Wedding & Photo Plan


Give your vows to your beloved in the cool of a verdant Japanese garden or the serenity of a traditional shrine— celebrate love and life in the land where the sun rises. Live a uniquely cultural, romantic, and customizable experience.


Package Highlights:
Brides choose from 50 gorgeous costumes (traditional or modern); makeup and hair done by professional artist
*Grooms choices are more limited
Choice of venue: Shrine or Garden with professional photos (professionally touched-up)
Mini ceremonial experience (Sipping from sake cup together before taking vows)


Customizable Options Include:
Kaiseki Lunch at a garden side restaurant
Rickshaw Ride
Full wedding ceremony
Additional venues available: Ski slope, Mt. Fuji and banquet with mountain view

For more information and other hand-tailored plans, please visit our Luxury Escapes website or call 1-888-364-7118.

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