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Best Indoor Escapes Dauring the Summer in Tokyo

Posted By on Aug 15, 2015


IMG_4653Summer in Japan is beautiful, filled with energy and unbearably hot. Between high humidity and huge crowds, the city is not an easy place to tolerate during the long summer months. However, there are many great options for escaping the heat and feeling refreshed.


The number one defense against summer’s heat is staying in an air-conditioned room at all times. Because limiting yourself to a single space can get boring quickly, we recommend moving from place to place. In other words, go shopping!IMG_2029

Shopping and browsing are the best indoor summer activities. Book and music stores are among the best options since they expect visitors to take their time. Some are multi-storied escapes that can provide multi-hour browsing entertainment. Many also house cafes, such as Starbucks.

Which leads to summer solution number two: find a cafe (preferably with Wifi) and get cozy. Tokyo’s cafes are incomparable. From traditional tea houses to international finds, the choices are endless and the refreshments delicious.

For those willing to pay to stay, there are many intended for business. For around $10 to $20 per session (varies from hours to a full day), customers can enjoy large spaces, Wifi, unlimited refreshments and an atmosphere conducive to work.


Lastly, karaoke. Barely requiring an explanation, karaoke is a fun, social way to spend a few (air-conditioned) hours in good company. Whether or not singing is your passion, it’s a guaranteed good time. There are even some unusual karaoke spots such as hot-tub karaoke, which is fairly self-explanatory and involves singing, in your bathing suit, in a hot-tub.

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