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Budget Travel in Japan

Posted By on Sep 16, 2015



Traveling on a budget in Japan may not be easy for first time visitors eager to try everything but it is certainly feasible with proper planning. From simple changes like eating at certain times of day to buying trinkets and everyday items at 100 yen stores, it is entirely possible to spend very little while enjoying your vacation to the fullest. The following are tips for budget-constrained travelers.

IMG_87011. Skip a hotel buffet and hit up a convenience store  or cafe for “morning sets,” a coffee and sandwich/pastry combination for less than 500 yen.

2. Eat at Japan’s version of fast food for increased cultural understanding and delicious, affordable food. Yoshinoya, Sukiya, Mosburger and Freshness Burger are some choices. Alternatively, try a mom-and-pop ramen shop for cheap, filling meals.

3. Stay at business hotels or capsule hotels for a fraction of the price of a regular hotel room. Be sure to research the neighborhood in advance to avoid staying in areas that are less safe.


4. Shop in the evening for food to take advantage of early evening discounts on fresh fish and prepared foods.

5. Save on train travel by buying a Japan Rail Pass before leaving your home. You can save hundreds of dollars on domestic travel. Remember, these passes must be purchased outside of Japan and presented with a valid passport.

6. Take advantage of tourist discounts. Many shopping malls offer discounts when a valid passport is presented.IMG_8500

7. Dining out? Look at various websites and dining apps for local deals and coupons.

Regardless your budget, remember that the best investments are not items but experiences. It’s always more memorable to invest in a trip that will be remembered for life than to indulge in an article of clothing that will be forgotten in a few years. 

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