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Must see Castles

Day1: Mar 14 (Thu)  Departure from Honolulu We checked in at the ANA counter.   Everyone was on time and it was a smooth check-in. Our 8 hr 10 min flight was on time!   Lunch was served 1hr 30 min after departure.  We had a choice of Seafood Tempura or Chicken Curry. Sandwich and yogurt was served 2 hrs prior to landing in Narita airport. Day2: Mar 15 (Fri) Arrival Narita airport & Naha Airport Upon arrival in Narita airport, we...

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Day1:  Jan 17, 2019 Departure from Honolulu We checked in at the Philippine Airlines counter, which had a dedicated line for our group.  The airline provided us with a “gold line” at TSA, which made our inspection so much faster. The flight (PR#101) was 10hr45min nonstop to Manila. We were served with two hot main meals and a snack with a choice of pork barbecue or kung pao chicken and pancit & pork or beef lasagna. We enjoyed our...

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