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(Day 1 & 2) Honolulu – Fukuoka Despite the typhoon approaching on its way to Japan, we didn’t have much turbulence also no rain in Fukuoka. Yay!! First meal in Fukuoka – tonkotsu ramen (pork base soup).   (Day 3) Fukuoka – Imari – Arita – Nagasaki We are in Saga pref. today and visit Imari and Arita town where it’s known for porcelain. As I get older I find myself admire and...

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Takachiho, Miyazaki, You may never heard of this name before. But Takachio, on the southern island of Kyushu, is regarded as the place where Japanese history started. According to Japanese myth, Japanese gods and goddess of Shinto pantheon landed when they came to Japan more than 2600 years ago. The spiritual atomoshere in Takachiho sacred Shinto Shrine. I would like to introduce Takashicho Yokagura—- All night ceremony...

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