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(Day 1 & 2) Honolulu – Fukuoka Despite the typhoon approaching on its way to Japan, we didn’t have much turbulence also no rain in Fukuoka. Yay!! First meal in Fukuoka – tonkotsu ramen (pork base soup).   (Day 3) Fukuoka – Imari – Arita – Nagasaki We are in Saga pref. today and visit Imari and Arita town where it’s known for porcelain. As I get older I find myself admire and...

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Would you like to become a dancing queen?? OR , would you like to ENJOY dance festival whether you dance or not.Summer is a time for festival in Japan. and Awaodori, is a traditional dance festival held in Tokushima, Shikoku Pre. on Aug 12 to 15. Not only great dancers but anyone (including YOU!!) can participate in a “NIwaka-ren” dancing team as a dancer! Here’s kindergarten team dancing.. their steps are already...

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