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Located in Saitama Prefecture, Hitsujiyama Park literally translates to “Sheep Mountain Park”. Tourists come from all over Japan to see this park come springtime. Why? Well, with a name like that you would expect there to be sheep everywhere, but there aren’t. So if it isn’t sheep bringing people to this park, then what is it? It’s flowers! Shibazakura, or “lawn cherry blossoms” are cute pink...

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The origin of a ‘Bonsai’ is unclear, however it likely stems from a traditional practice to enjoy a miniature garden observed in ancient China, which came to Japan in the Heian period, in the 9th century. Later in the history in the 17th century, it turned to be very popular as a hobby of samurai warriors and had taken root as an unique art style in the country. Taking more than hundreds of years, a pine tree, apricot...

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