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Cute and Amusing Place to visit, in Tochigi, Japan : Nasu Teddy Bear Museum

Posted By on Aug 16, 2013


Today is about “Nasu Teddy Bear Museum” in Tochigi prefecture.
In Tochigi, there are many sightseeing spots like Nikko Toshogu, Onsen area, and museums.
The teddy bear museum is one of the famous sightseeing places.


It exhibits lovely teddy bears, by more than 100 bear artists from all over the world.

Since I was a child, I was eager to visit the museum because I am a big fan of a teddy bear.
This year, the day has finally came, and I had a fantastic time with lovely bears.


One of the things excited me most was the “bear” signs.

Wherever you go, you see the signs with a bear,  such as “Restroom”,  “Non-smoking”, etc, like these pictures.

<No-Smoking sign>


<Toilet signs>


<Parking are sign>


<Wheelchair sign>


Aren’t they super cute?
Even before I entered the museum, I already took so many pictures.

Finally I reached the entrance, and entered the museum.


Then…I was surprised that there were uncountable bears inside,  and I felt like entering the bear world!


Some of them were dressed up in Japanese outfits, like these pictures.

<Japanese Kimono style bears>
These teddy bears are wearing New Year’s traditional clothes in Japan.


<Japanese Yukata style bears>
These teddy bears are wearing summer festival’s traditional clothes in Japan.


<Bears at Sushi Restaurant>
Sushi is beloved Japanese cuisine around the world.
Hopefully teddy bears also love them.


On the second floor of the museum, you can find a souvenir shop.
There are also uncountable bears at the shop.

I was told that there is another “Teddy Bear Museum” at Izu, Kanagawa prefecture, in Japan.
Next time, I’d like to visit the one too.


Hope you have a chance to visit this museum in Japan.

[posted by Yuina]

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