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Dogashima: Japan’s Unique Volcanic Landscape

Posted By on Aug 27, 2014


Japan offers visitors a variety of natural scenery, ranging from the majestic Mount Fuji to the stunning Japanese Alps. However, if you are looking for a way to escape these overvisited places have a unique experience, the secluded Dogashima may be the place for you to visit!

Dogashima itself has several natural landmarks that will inspire you. The locals there all take pride in the silhouettes these islands cast and go as far as to claim it as the most gorgeous sunset in Japan.


Located in the Izu peninsula of Shizuoka prefecture, Dogashima (堂ヶ島) sits on the coast of Suruga Bay. There are many little islands made by past volcanic activity. They look like little hills rising out of the water, which offer a beautiful backdrop against the water especially, as I previously mentioned, during sunsets.

The best way to explore Dogshima, and quite possibly the only way, is of course, by boat. Local boat tours can take you to view the various volcanic stone and cave formations. The most famous in the area is known as Tensoudou (天窓洞). The boat tour will take you to a cave that has been carved by the waves and will appeal to the adventurer in you as you gaze at the hole in the cave that opens up to the sky. There is also a footpath where you can peer into the cave from the outside.


A symbol of Dogashima is Sanshiro Jima (三四郎島), a set of four islands – Denbei Island, Nakano Island, Okinose Island and Taka Island. Bound to the mainland via a tombolo, the path to this island appears during low tide and you can walk from island to island. I highly recommend this!


There are plenty of hotels in the area despite not being heavily filled with tourists. Most of the hotels in this area offer outdoor onsens for visitors to unwind and relax while being able to enjoy the picturesque views of Dogashima in the distance.

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