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Finding Your Inner Peace in Japan

Posted By on Jul 13, 2015


IMG_0465Finding peace within an energetic city, filled with constant noise and distraction, seems an impossible task. However, there are many places available for a quick getaway. Sometimes even a few minutes of peace can be revitalizing.IMG_0356

First, take a look at our recent guide to Zen in order to understand the principles of the practice. Next, take a look at our list of Zen getaways. Finally, commit a block of time, take a deep breath, and enjoy your meditation.

IMG_58151. Local temples and shrines
Every neighborhood has one, whether a large temple ground with many buildings or a tiny corner shrine. These are wonderful places to escape for a few moments and find calm from everyday life.

IMG_58142. Major parks
From Yoyogi Park in Tokyo to the Imperial Palace grounds in Kyoto, every city has a green space in which torelax. While the noise levels may rise on weekends, weekdays are usually a great time to be undisturbed.

3. The seaside
It’s no wonder the world-famous temples of Kamakura are so well liked. The mix of spirituality and seaside views is sure to bring peace to everyone. Take a moment to visit the famous attractions of Kamakura before finding a quiet spot in which to meditate.

4. Mountain trails
Hiking is popular in Japan for many reasons. Apart from moving the body, it’s a great way to exercise the mind while taking in the beautiful outdoors. With rest stops and shrines along the way, most trails offer hikers a place to relax in nature.


We hope these suggestions assist visitors in creating a peaceful moment during their visit. With busy itineraries and constant movement, its important to take a moment to oneself to refresh and fully appreciate the experience.

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