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First Cabin Kyoto: Providing New Experiences to Visitors

Posted By on Feb 27, 2015



An interesting part of Japanese culture, capsule hotels have become a fashionable accommodation option for many visitors to Japan. The experience of staying in a capsule hotel is intriguing. For a reasonable price, customers are given a very small room in which standing is usually impossible. (However, those who fear small spaces need not worry; capsules are more roomy than they let on.) Staying in one is an economical and convenient option, as most times these hotels are located in busy city areas.


A similar concept is Kyoto’s First Cabin. Following the theme of flight, First Cabin provides customers individual rooms divided from the main hallway by thick curtains. Unlike capsules, these rooms are quite spacious for a reasonable price.


A locking drawer is located under the bed, and safety deposit boxes are available near the reception desk. Each room includes towels, slippers, a toothbrush and a comb, a television, headphones, and hangers in addition to a comfortable bed. The women’s section is on the 5th floor, while the men’s section is on the 4th floor; both are accessible only by an electronic key. Shower facilities, both on the 4th floor, are likewise separated.


Signs throughout the building urge visitors to be considerate of others in respect to noise levels and cleanliness, as all main lounge, bathing, and toilet areas are shared. Near the reception desk is the main lounge, in which breakfast is served to those who ordered it during their booking. Free wifi is available throughout the building.

First Cabin, located in a quiet side street of a major shopping area, is definitely worth considering when staying in Kyoto for an usual experience.

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