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Following the Idol Trail in Nagasaki

Posted By on May 5, 2015




Visitors to Japan often come because of the stories they’ve heard or the food they look forward to consuming. Comic book lovers, professionals on business travels, and students on exchange make up another large percentage of visitors. Another, though less common, group is the fan community: those who chase down their favorite artists and explore filming locations, experience concerts, and dine at their idol’s favorite restaurants.




However they are viewed by the rest of society, these devoted travelers are often some of the most adventurous – overcoming obstacles of inconvenience, expense, and obscure geographical locations in order to follow in the footsteps of those they love. They are willing to go above and beyond to relive moments in order to feel closer to the artist they love. As crazy as it may sound to those who have never had such a strong affinity for a celebrity, it is this pure affection that grants fans the opportunity of an adventure quite unlike any other.

One such adventure trail is that of Sakamoto Ryoma, as depicted by the famous musician and actor, Fukuyama Masaharu. A typical day in the lives of his crazed, middle-aged fans may include dining at one of his favorite restaurants, tracking down the education building in which he taught during an epsidoe of Galileo, or singing loudly at a concert. In Nagasaki, however, the fan trail is one which can be enjoyed by anyone, whether they love or dislike the famed personality.


Following the Sakamoto Ryoma trail is a day-long adventure spanning the city from north to south. With easy public transportation via cable car and the option of walking to most sites, Nagasaki City is a comfortable city to explore and fall in love with. Even those unfamiliar with the story of the historic character will enjoy the blend of western and Japanese architecture, the tastiness of castella (Portuguese inspired sponge cake), and the excitement of adventures that occurred long ago.


When visiting Nagasaki, be sure to read more about Sakamoto Ryoma and visit the historic sites of his adventure. This is recommended to all visitors, whether or not they are fans of the idol who brought him to life.


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