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Fun Things to Do in Summer

Posted By on Jul 7, 2015

 IMG_9857 As rainy season comes to an end and humidity picks up, summer officially arrives in Japan. While the northern parts of Japan stay cooler, inviting visitors who cannot stand the heat, the southern regions heat up with beachgoers. Those in cities stay cool inside shopping malls and cafes, while those in rural areas take to the natural shade of parks and mountains.
Whether or not you are a summer person, there are plenty of options for things to enjoy during the summer season. Here we’ve listed some fun summer ideas for things to do when the weather seems unbearable.
1. Visit the beautiful rivers and lakes of Japan
From the breathtaking lakes surrounding Mt. Fuji, to the famous Lake Biwa in Shiga, there are bodies of water all throughout Japan near which people can enjoy water-based activities such as rafting, swimming, and fishing.
2. Take a day trip to cool off

From Tokyo, there are many day trip options that are quite refreshing during the summer months. Head up north to Nikko, where the air is cooler and the World Heritage sites are unforgettable.


3. In large cities, spend the day shopping summer sales

From one air conditioned store to the next, it’s possible to stay cool all summer by browsing shops and taking breaks in cafes. Those which offer Wifi are often very crowded during the summer months.

4. Hit the beach
Luckily for beach-lovers, Japan is surrounded by water, which means that one doesn’t have to travel far to find a beach. While those living in Nagano and landlocked prefectures have a longer journey, the convenience of public transportation in Japan makes getting around the country, and to the beach during summer, easier than expected. IMG_5859
5. Indulge in summer treats
If none of the above appeal to you, the final suggestion must. Summer treats in Japan are refreshing and delicious. From cold slices of watermelon to intense ice cream flavors to vivid cones of shaved ice, there is something for everyone to try.

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