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HAKUSUIKAN 「白水館」 A Hot Spring Paradise at the Southern Tip of Japan

Posted By on Oct 2, 2011


Situated in the most southern part of Kyushu, Ibusuki Hakusuikan offers traditional elegance in perfect moment. A sea-view opens before rooms, and guests can feel cool breeze through a garden of pines. Dinner menus are selection of either finest Japanese Cuisine or Tokyo’s highly distinguished “Aqua Pazza” Italian restaurants delight.










There are various spa types ie; Ukiyo spa, steam spa, bubbling spa, open-air spa, sand-spa, etc. Sand-spa could be seen in Ibusuki area, unique, and proved good for health.

Open-air spa, called Roten Buro where you can hear sound of wave from ocean.

Well known Sand-spa which date back to Edo period and has more than 300 year history.


Ibusuki Hakusuikan



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