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High Tea with a View at Chinzanso Hotel, former Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo

Posted By on Apr 24, 2014



As the sun sets on the gardens of Chinzanso Hotel, the beauty and stillness make it impossible to leave. Formerly the Four Seasons, Chinzanso Hotel is a luxurious home to a picturesque garden northeast of Shinjuku. As the seasons change, the hotel grounds take on a fresh appearance while retaining their tranquility and beauty. Chinzanso Hotel is also a popular wedding spot. But what really draws visitors are cherry blossoms in spring and fireflies in summer.



On any given day, afternoon tea at Chinzanso Hotel is an exquisite affair. Now in cherry blossom season, the menu is filled with seasonal touches, from sakura-white-bean-paste sandwiches to cherry blossom-scented tea. The petite savory bites form a foundation of the two dishes of sweets towering above them. From Cherry Blossom to Irish Whiskey Cream, the teas are light and flavorful. While the food is satisfying, the real treat is the view, especially at the sun splashes golden light on the tree tops and blossoms alike.




With the steep price tag of high tea, it’s necessary to draw out the experience. At Chinzanso, guests are invited to stay until they are ready to leave. And with a view like this? Guests are more than willing to comply with hotel expectations.


While reservations are not necessary on weekdays, they are recommended highly on weekends, when the waiting time can take hours. However, once seated, the experience is worth the wait. So next time you fancy a cup of tea and some tasty food to go with it, head over to Chinzanso Hotel for afternoon tea and stay for a stroll in the gardens afterwards.





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