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Hotel Sekifu Invites Visitors to a Wonderland in Yamanashi

Posted By on Jun 17, 2014



Hotel Sekifu, located near Isawa-Onsen Station in Yamanashi prefecture, is the perfect place for an escape for the mind and body. There is nothing like an onsen hotel to relax and recharge. Upon entering the quaint hotel, the vivid colors of the entrance bring energy to visitors. The entire hotel is decorated in a flashy, yet tasteful manner which is sure to entertain and mesmerize guests of all ages.IMG_8557

Upon checking in, visitors fill out paperwork and choose a yukata (traditional robe) of choice. Then, they are escorted to their rooms by a kimono-clad staff member. Tea is served within each private room as a warm welcome to Sekifu. After settling in and enjoying the view of the beautiful traditional garden below, visitors can explore the hotel interior, which is spacious and considerably interesting.IMG_8567

On the first floor beside the check-in counter is a lounge area with food and beverage service; a large white piano suggests live performances as well. Walking toward the garden, visitors can find a decently sized souvenir shop with convenient opening hours. Straight across from the shop is a decoration space which features seasonal works; in May, samurai armor was on display. Exiting beside the art space, visitors can descend to the garden, where walking paths, black and white swans, and numerous koi fish await. Feeding the koi is a pleasant optional activity for families. Back inside, visitors can find the onsen, or hot spring bath, down a long corridor. Spacious inside and out, the baths are incredibly relaxing and refreshing.IMG_8523

On the second floor, there are restaurants and bars which are open upon request. For dining purposes, separate rooms are available for private banquets, with an optional karaoke machine included. The meals served are both vast and beautifully prepared. Ranging from fresh fish to regional dishes, each item is carefully prepared for each guest. The quality and freshness of the ingredients are undeniable.


On the third floor, visitors will find a mesmerizing display of colors and patterns designed especially for Hotel Sekifu. The overall image is of a fantasy land of rainbows and vivid colors that capture the eye and imagination. The décor is a blend of Japanese and fantasy world elements that, although in stark contrast to one another, blend harmoniously somehow. Energy bursts from each color and is a delight to the eyes.

Hotel Sekifu is truly unlike any other accommodation in Japan. East meets west in design and atmosphere in this relaxing yet exciting hotel full of visual enjoyment. Close to Isawa-Onsen Station and a few local activities, it is both convenient and entertaining. Be sure to consider Hotel Sekifu on your Yamanashi travels!

















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