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Oktoberfest: Year-Long Enjoyment in Japan

Posted By on May 21, 2014



In its country of origin, Germany, and around the world, Oktoberfest is celebrated in October with dancing, music, festivities, and tons of beer. However, in Japan, Oktoberfest occurs throughout the year in various forms. While not all events are dubbed “Oktoberfest,” such as limited-time summer beer gardens, those that are take place all over Tokyo, year-round.


The most recent Oktoberfest was held during Golden Week in Odaiba. With the giant Gundam statue outside Diver City looming in the background, the festival was an arrangement of picnic tables, food and drink stands, a giant, tented live entertainment area, and hundreds of visitors. Music blared from the tent with lively German tunes to which everyone danced. The atmosphere, like that of all such events, was lively and full of energy.


Food stalls were not only numerous but visually pleasing. Some were recreations of small houses. All served a variety of food and drinks from sausages to fried items. Although the set up of patio tables was small, the variety of food available was very reasonable. The majority of visitors were adults, but a few children were present for the consumption of delicious themed foods.

The festivities at Odaiba’s Oktoberfest were well-attended, but they were no match for the crowds of Yokohama’s similar event. On the other hand, the space allowed for a more comfortable experience at Odaiba’s beer festival. If you’ve never visited a beer festival before, you’re just in luck. With summer upon us, the opportunities for beer-themed enjoyment are endless. Enjoy!

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