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How to Find WiFi While Traveling in Japan

Posted By on Aug 25, 2015



Back in the day, traveling was an escape from reality and a break from all of our daily routines and connections. Now, with mobile technology and the Internet, we can travel the world while simultaneously staying up to date on everything that is a part of our regular lives.

Many visitors worry about losing connection when they travel overseas. Whether for safety reasons, navigation, or simply to share travel photos with family along the way, visitors are constantly in search of WiFi connection.

ÅhüFâCâüü[âW2In big cities such as Tokyo, there are many options for staying connected throughout your travels. Nowadays, many cafes boast free WiFi, and hotel rooms are equipped with either WiFi or ethernet for those bringing a personal computer.

A simple web search will reveal websites devoted to finding free WiFi in Tokyo and other major cities. However, for those visiting rural or suburban Japan, options will be very limited. Community centers sometimes offer internet options. Starbucks, which can be found more or less nationwide, offers free WiFi for those who pre-register. (Applications are in Japanese, which may make this option difficult.)


Another option is to rent a personal WiFi spot upon arrival in Japan. Many cellphone providers now offer this option, as well as reasonable international plans. However you choose to connect while abroad, there are certainly perks to having connectivity. Google Maps, for example, will be your (not always reliable) travel companion. Also, many prefectures have apps for making the most of your visit.

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