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Isawa-Onsen Town: Strolling Through Small-Town Yamanashi

Posted By on Jun 13, 2014


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Isawa-Onsen, located approximately 110 kilometers from Shinjuku, Tokyo, is a traditional hot spring town near Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi prefecture. Upon arriving at Isawa-Onsen Station, a sense of tranquility and comfort overcomes visitors. On a hot, sunny day in May, visitors were greeted by the fragrant smell and vivid color of hundreds of roses blooming around the station. It is hard to disagree with such a welcome.


Not far from the station is the main town street of Isawa-Onsen. Filled with various shops, the street is busy throughout the day with shoppers and visitors. Shrines and temples are also found on the main street, blending modern shopping with traditional worship. Farther away from the main stretch, it is easy to see that life in Isawa-Onsen is entirely contrary to that of Tokyo. The quiet neighborhoods are suggestive of small town life, where shops close early and community is strong.


The surrounding mountains create a peaceful atmosphere and the feeling of time standing still. Even on a hot, sunny day, the cool breeze from the mountains brings relief to visitors. A leisurely stroll can be quite enjoyable even on hot days, since the view of the mountains alone feels refreshing.

For an experience in real Japanese life, look no farther than one and a half hours by train from Shinjuku. On a limited express train, Isawa-Onsen can be reached quite easily. Accommodations should be booked in advance, since most hotels in the area offer services which require planning. For hotel options, take a look at Hotel Sekifu. Have a pleasant stay in Yamanashi!


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