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What a difference does “Green car” make when you travel in Japan! Japan Rail Pass Green car is the way to go.

Posted By on Nov 19, 2013



Everyone know that Japan Rail Pass is the best way to travel around Japan. Now there is a choice between Ordinary pass and Green Pass, Ordinary 7 days pass cost $283 and Green cars 7 days pass cost $378(as of Nov. 18th 2013). Is Green car worth paying more?? Let’s find out!

Green car is clearly marked with green four leaf clover like logo and all reserved seats so you don’t have to standing by waiting to grab seats. 

Look at confortable seats in Green car above, compare to ordinary car seats. When you sit on them  you feel the difference, it is much more comfortable and spacious and it reclines more.

Green car has 4 seats in a row so every seats are window or aisle, no middle seats.


Ordinary car is 3+2 so you may be end up in middle seats.


Green car has much bigger tray table so you have no problem doing work with your note book PC or place big bento box with beer or sake. Ordinary car’s tray is decent but is smaller than Green cars’s tray table. Green car has a private LED light above your shoulder. It is right spot on to your book. Arm rest is almost 4 times wider than ordinary car’s, and it’s so comfortable. There is AC outlets in every seat’s arm rest. This is convenient to recharge you cell phone or doing PC work.

Look at clean carpet, you won’t find any dust in every corner, you can sleep on it if you want. Foot rest is well designed and your foot will be so happy with this.

“Suguremono” means Cool item. Oshibori, which will be delivered to your seats when train start moving is really Suguremono, you can clean anything with this. I heard repeat customer for Green car sometime take it to use at home for house clean. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
When you look inside from window, you will see huge difference. Green car’s atmosphere is so relaxed, welcoming and quiet. It’s your choice if you pay extra for Green car but It is much cheaper and easier if you buy Green car’s Japan Rail pass in advance. I bet you want to experience Green car ride already?!!


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