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Layover Escapes: Narita

Posted By on Aug 4, 2015



So you’ve always wanted to visit Japan, but now is not the time. Yet. However, your flight includes a convenient, multi-hour layover in Narita. Perhaps the time IS now.

You could be upset. Instead, you recognize this as an excellent opportunity for a mini adventure.


With several hours to kill, it is possible to explore the areas immediately located by the airport. Paying careful attention to time and transportation requirements is crucial to success (the goal being to not miss your flight).

The closest destination to the airport is Narita City.IMG_3080

Only about 5km from Narita International Airport, the shopper’s paradise is only a hop and a skip away. With over 11 million visitors per year, AEON Mall Narita is an extremely popular location with an Information Center, multilingual ATM, currency exchange, public WiFi, and shops varying from cosmetics to food to appliances to clothing. Especially popular with foreign shoppers is the 100 yen store, which features products in nearly any imaginable category.


IMG_3089Narita is also home to various hot springs and spas. Three notable ones are Yamato no Yu, Hananoyu, and Narita Onsen BYU at Narita View Hotel. Yamato no Yu has a sushi bar overlooking Mt. Fuji, an open-air bath with private rooms, and high-quality spa and fitness facilities. Hananoyu is a spa with many soothing baths, including an open-air bath enclosed by natural surroundings.

In addition to being close to the International Airport, Narita is also a negligible distance from Tokyo. With the Skyliner Express, visitors can reach Nippori Station from Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station in 36 minutes. The Narita Express (N’EX) also offers direct service from Narita International Airport (Terminal 1 and 2) to major destinations in the Tokyo area: Tokyo (59 minutes), Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Yokohama Station.

IMG_3017Japan really is only a hop and skip away. Be sure to take the leap from your airport layover!


[posted by Nadia]


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