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Udezumo Sake Factory Shares Rare Views with Visitors

Posted By on Jun 19, 2014



Japanese sake is a staple of Japanese culture and cuisine. Produced throughout the country in factories small and large, sake is cherished by enthusiasts in Japan and around the world. Yamanashi prefecture is home to many Japanese specialties, one of which is sake. Small factories are known for producing high quality sake. Many such factories are passed down from generation to generation and kept within the family practice.IMG_8475

A drive from Isawa-Onsen Station, the old sake factory of  Udezumo Sake can be found. Hidden in a quiet neighborhood, it’s hard to believe that such a place exists. The exterior, that of an old traditional home, houses the sake factory. Without knowing the factory’s location, one could easily mistaken it for a family home.IMG_8470

Led inside by an elderly guide, visitors are given a rare opportunity to see the inner workings. The  tour of the sake brewery is both interesting and enchanting. The air has a feeling of nostalgia and tradition wrapped in one. Ceramic storage containers sit beside glass bottles for

IMG_8451The sake factory allows visitors a chance to see the real Japan; it is quite unlike the sterile factories of today’s alcohol production. The dark, cool rooms that are conjoined to make the brewery are full of old-fashioned equipment and modern tools. From cleaning bottles to labeling them, each step of the process can be observed. For those interested in tasting the sake, there is also an opportunity to do so.IMG_8485


Exploring an old sake factory is a unique Japanese experience that is sure to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.


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