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Christmas Around Town: Tokyo During the Holidays

Posted By on Dec 16, 2015


There is no place like Japan to enjoy the holidays. With magnificent illuminations and endless choices of holiday snacks, goods, and events, Japan does the holiday season like no where else in the world.


It is impossible to walk through Tokyo during the holidays with flashes of color, light, and energy. From tiny shops to major department stores, every public venue offers holiday-themed goods. A Christmas tree and wreath can be found on nearly every storefront, even if Christmas has no religious or traditional meaning here. The idea of Christmas, like that of Halloween, is merely a form of entertainment for the majority of people; its true meaning is celebrated, however, by those who practice Christianity. Thus, the bigger and brighter the holiday decor, the better.


IMG_6712IMG_6710The holiday goods available range from beautifully decorated desserts to bedazzled apparel. There is no area left untouched: even toilet paper comes in a Christmas edition! One of the most fun things to do during the season is to window shop (or actually shop) to explore all the options and limited edition offerings. As seasonal goods are expected in Japan, shoppers are always in a hurry to make use of the opportunity to snatch up limited edition clothing and food items, such as santa-themed outfits and Christmas drinks at coffee shops.

Another exciting activity during the holidays is illumination viewing. From Marunouchi to Shinjuku and every district in between, each area of Tokyo has set up something special for visitors to enjoy. Some of the most popular illumination spots are Tokyo Dome, Midtown Tokyo, Shinjuku Station’s shopping gallery, Ginza shopping district, and Nakameguro’s blue river. Nearby Yokohama also offers a Christmas market and illuminations from Minato Mirai to Motomachi.


Whether you have one hour or unlimited time, any small bit is worth investing into the holiday season; go window shopping, take a stroll, or go see illuminations. The possibilities and fun are endless!


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