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Cosmos in Bloom in Tachikawa

Posted By on Sep 30, 2014



IMG_5262    When summer comes to an end, color doesn’t fade. From the mountainside to undeveloped pockets of the city, green spaces are year-round exhibits for the changing colors of flowers from autumn to spring. Tachikawa’s Showa Kinen Park is a giant space dedicated to outdoor leisurely activities and a collection of flowers throughout the seasons. From early September until the end of October, it is one of the best places in the metropolitan area to see fields of cosmos in bloom. IMG_5269

Blowing in the gentle breeze, cosmos are both nostalgic and refreshing. Reminiscent of summer’s wild flowers, they remind us of warmer, carefree summer days, while bringing with their arrival the crisp, revitalizing nature of autumn. Promise is in the air. IMG_5274

Ranging in color from vivid pinks to pale, pure whites, cosmos can also grow to stand taller than the visitors out to enjoy them. While they are expected to live until the end of October, they can be easily damaged in storms, so it’s recommended to see them as soon as possible! IMG_5284

Tachikawa’s cosmos are not to be missed. On weekends and holidays til the end of October, the cosmos festival also offers entertainment and food options. For a quieter setting, drop by on a weekday, when visitors are few and the flowers can be enjoyed in peace. The park can be reached from Tachikawa and Nishi-Tachikawa stations, while the latter is a better choice for flower-viewing. The park charges admission (less than 500 yen per person) and closes around 5pm. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!IMG_5309

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