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Flowers and Spring Sales Come to Tokyo Midtown

Posted By on Apr 16, 2014



Located in the busy district of Roppongi, Tokyo Midtown is a shopping and dining paradise. Easily accessible on foot from Roppongi Station, Midtown is a convenient home to events as well. From a winter skating rink to summer sales, the offerings of Midtown entice visitors throughout the year.


One particularly special time to visit the shopping center was during cherry blossom season. On the far side of Tokyo Midtown, large blossoming trees created a tunnel of flowers. Cast in light at dusk, the blossoms danced in vivid pink and white, while visitors indulged in pink champagne and snacks at a promotional outdoor bar. The ambiance was lively and enjoyable. Despite the crowds, the cherry blossoms created a beautiful escape.


The restaurants with outdoor seating on the side of Midtown provided the most pleasant dining experience: dinner with a backdrop of floral pink wonderland. Although the special menus offered during this season are usually quite expensive, the experience is only possible during this short time of year. Customers don’t shy away from pricey meals during this special occasion, so recommendations are often necessary.

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Spring sales are also a highlight of this season. Limited edition items, a custom of Japan, are displayed at Tokyo Midtown to help shoppers locate these seasonal offerings. Until April 20, customers can shop spring sales.



Though the flowers are gone, the coming of spring has brought with it continuing energy. Cherry blossoms or not, a visit to Tokyo Midtown is always an exciting option in the big city.

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