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Galleries and Artwork in Tokyo

Posted By on Mar 17, 2014


IMG_1361Apart from its large, renowned museums, Tokyo is also home to countless smaller galleries and studio-sized exhibitions. While these galleries may not be heavily publicized, they are not difficult to stumble upon due to their considerable presence throughout the great metropolis. Yamatane Museum, located about a ten minute walk from Ebisu Station, is an example of one of Tokyo’s many galleries.


One popular exhibit at Yamatane which ended on March 2 featured “cute” Japanese artwork and Edo period pieces. From famous works – (elephant one) to lesser known pieces, the colelction was varied yet small. The basement floor of the museum is where the galleries are housed. The entire space is considerably small yet well-utilized. Upstairs is a cafe for visitors to relax in.


Particularly striking pieces included paintings upon silk, old fashioned sketches of baby animals (very cute indeed) and decorated wooden panels, among others. Unfortunately, photography is not permitted in the museum. However, the gift shop includes may postcard-sized replicas of famous works.


Yamatane Museum is the ideal size for those who enjoy artwork in small, well-curated dosages – it is also good for those who like well-stocked gift shops filled with interesting household trinkets and vivid, artistic postcards. The Kawaii exhibit has ended, but the museum has new exhibits on display quite frequently.

For those who have never experienced small galleries in Tokyo, they are well-worth the visit. And if you’re in the area, head over to Yamatane Museum in Ebisu to see what new work is featured in the gallery. You won’t be disappointed.

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