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Happiness Comes to Hibiya Park

Posted By on Mar 23, 2014


IMG_0707“What makes you happy?” This was the questioned asked of visitors at Happy Day Tokyo 2014 on March 15-16. Held in Hibiya Park, the event was a collaboration of booths, shops, food stalls, performances, and informational desks. As visitors entered the park, they were handed event flyers by staff volunteers and encouraged to participate in the day’s festivities.

All of the events and exhibitions were set up around the giant fountain that is central to Hibiya Park. Right away, a brightly decorated (and very cute) car drew the attention of visitors. Another eye-catching character in the area was a green mascot who looked awfully like a giant piece of broccoli.


From hula dancing to singing, performers entertained crowds with various acts during the weekend’s festivities. There was a full entertainment schedule from morning to closing on both days. Food carts, farm stands, and pop-up cafes presented a variety of options from coffee to curry to kebabs to fresh tomatoes. Small shops sold clothing, jewelry, and other odds and ends that were handcrafted or imported from overseas. On the far end of the fountain, a group in costume performed South American music.


Out of the stalls and booths set up at Happy Day Tokyo 2014, one encouraged visitors to get involved. HappyU, an upcoming online education system, asked visitors to play with hula hoops and share their thoughts on happiness in order to “graduate” (commemorative photo and all). Visitors had a great time interacting with staff and sharing their opinions with others.


Overall, Happy Day Tokyo 2014 was a successful event: it made people happy. The weather on Sunday was beautiful and warm, which encouraged visitors to relax for a while and explore the offerings of the event. Happy Day Tokyo may be over this time around but look forward to it again in the future!


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