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Shibuya Music Festival Creates Dance Party on Main Street

Posted By on Oct 25, 2014

Shibuya, the hub of Tokyo known for young people, unique experiences, eateries, and shopping, is frequently the home of many events and limited time attractions. Hosted alongside Shibuya Fashion Week events, Shibuya Music Festival is another such attraction of the area. The two-day event hosted musicians and performers from all over and all musical persuasions.
Held on the weekend of October 18-19, Shibuya Music Festival livened up the area surrounding 109 and Dogenzaka. With music from jazz to pop to traditional taiko drumming, there was much to be enjoyed. Further along toward Shibuya street, right infront of 109, the closed intersection hosted a full brass band, which was surrounded by audience members in all directions.
Crowds filled the closed-off streets near Bunkamura to dance to music pouring from loud speakers. DJs brought positive energy to the crowds, encouraging onlookers to join and dance.
Out in daylight in the open air, it felt a bit uncomfortable to dance at first, but soon, swept into the atmosphere, it was inevitable. The dance beats were strong and lyrics minimal, making it popular with Japanese and international participants alike.
The weekend event was a festive reminder of all the entertainment Shibuya has to offer. From clubs to dance studios to lively bars, the options available in Shibuya cater to every need. While Shibuya is known for its younger crowd, even the older visitors can find something of interest among the seemingly endless possibilities. Be sure to check out Shibuya Station area on Friday and Saturday nights, when the crowds peak and the energy of the area can be best seen. Have fun!

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