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‘Tsukudo’ Shrine and ‘Yotsugi Inari’ Shrine, flanked by the buildings in Kudan, Tokyo, are typical local shrines with a long history.

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‘Taira-no-Masakado’ in Tokyo reveled against the Emperor in Kyoto in the 10th century, but his attempt was failed and he had his head cut off. After that, his head was enshrined at Tsukudo Shrine in Tokyo. This shrine was originated in ‘Otemachi’ near Tokyo Station, then was moved several times to the places in the heart of Tokyo, necessarily with his head. After being destroyed during the second World War, unfortunately together with his head, it was finally relocated to the present site as shown in the first picture.
A smaller shrine is found behind this shrine, as shown in the second picture, which is Yotsugi Inari Shrine. This small shrine is believed to have the power of answering prayers for a baby. A ducument which reads the second Shogun ‘Tokugawa Hidetada’ in the 17th century as well as ‘Kazunomiya’, the wife of the 14th Shogun ‘Tokugawa Iemochi’ in the 19th century paid a visit here, is preserved.

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