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Monde Winery Tour in Yamanashi

Posted By on Jul 16, 2014


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Yamanashi prefecture, known for its breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and its bounty of fresh fruit and other foods, is also a popular destination for wine enthusiasts. Serving chilled red wine and a variety of alcoholic drinks native to the area, Yamanashi pleases its visitors with good beverages and a view.

Winery tours are also an available form of recreation in Yamanashi prefecture. In Isawa Onsen area, one winery which welcomes visitors is Monde Winery. With its plain exterior, Monde Winery seems less like a tourist destination and more like an education center for true wine enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the inner workings of the winery and witness the functioning machines preparing wine bottles. Every step of the journey is visible to guests. Begining with the bottle preparation and ending in a store room of wine barrels, the tour involves a brief walk around the facilities led by helpful, friendly guides.IMG_8389


Entering the cellar, visitors can get a whiff of a sweet wine smell while enjoying the coolness of the space. One of the most interesting tour spots is the area in which bottles sit and are entertained with music. Supposedly, the wine tastes better when serenaded with classical tunes.


Across from the production area is the visitor center, which sells souvenirs, food items, and, of course, lots of wine. Sweets and cheese to accompany the wine can be purchased at the store as well. The best part of the visitor center is the variety of wines available for self-serve tasting. With a small cup in hand, it’s possible to try everything from classic wines to green-colored grape alcohol.





Monde Winery is open year round from 8:30AM to 5PM (except on New Year’s Eve). For those interested in visiting, be sure to call ahead for a guided tour. The visitor center, however, is accessible without reservations.

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