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Nakameguro Light-Up Boasts Unbelievable Number of Visitors

Posted By on Dec 22, 2014



The Meguro River, specifically the stretch located closest to Nakameguro Station, is an incredibly popular attraction for  couples and families during cherry blossom season. This year, adding to the excitement of other renowned illuminations, the trees along the Meguro are adorned with bright blue lights from November 23 until December 25 (Christmas Day).


Dubbed Ao no Dokutsu or “Blue Cavern,” the LED illumination along the river is a breathtaking display of blue upon blue. The blue lights cast on the river below create an enchanting view. The best viewing spots are along the many bridges that line the canal.


The illumination has been so popular that it is no longer open on weekends and holidays. Turned on from 5pm to 9pm, the illuminations have drawn huge crowds who come to enjoy a stroll under the enchanting blue lights of the river.

Unlike cherry blossom season, during which the streets are lined with visitors and stalls selling food and alcohol, the illumination is more relaxed. Nonetheless, the excitement expressed in “ooh”s and “ahh”s audibly add to the atmosphere.


Restaurants lining the river are popular during the illumination period, as they allow customers the chance to dine under the vivid lights beyond the windows. Thus, it is necessary at this time to make reservations.

While the light-up will be ending soon, there is still time to catch a glimpse during weekdays in the lead-up to Christmas. There is no better way to relax after a day of Christmas shopping than with a calming stroll and a nice dinner along the river. Enjoy the holiday season!

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