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One Day in: Shibuya

Posted By on Jul 31, 2015


IMG_1193Tokyo is a sprawling city known for around the world for entertainment, fashion, and technology. With  many distinct wards and neighborhoods, it’s impossible to take in the city in one day, let alone a week. Unfortunately, not all visitors can devote the necessary amount of time to exploring the city’s many offerings. For visitors with limited time, we present a short guide to Tokyo’s neighborhoods.

24 hours on the clock. One district of Tokyo. It seems like more than enough time to devote to a single piece of the sprawling city that is Tokyo, but visitors will be amazed at the amount of activities, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping facilities that Shibuya has to offer. Start early, end late and you still may run out of time. Here is a sample itinerary grabbing a few of the best of Shibuya.IMG_5805

Breakfast at one of the neighborhood’s renowned coffee shops is a great place to start. Try Streamer Coffee or On the Corner. Take a morning stroll up towards NHK to the Shibuya side of Yoyogi Park to enjoy the fresh air and flowers around the main fountain area. If there’s time, walk toward Harajuku and visit the famous Meiji Shrine.

Head back towards NHK and stroll south toward Shibuya Station via the area’s department stores, Parco and Seibu. Make sure to pop into the basement floors to see the food collections.

IMG_1217Back near the station, admire the Hachiko statue which tells the tale of a dog loyal to his human companion years after his friend’s death. This is an incredibly popular meeting and photo spot.  From here, explore the area for lunch options.

After lunch, cross Shibuya Station for Hikarie, a popular, recently developed shopping complex. The food floors are among the best in Tokyo. There are also two floors of restaurants. After exploring the shopping area, exit toward Aoyama and find the fox shrine located up a long staircase. This is a hidden treasure among the restaurants and shops.


Feel free to return to the main shopping district or explore the area leading to Aoyama. Everything is within walking distance. For dinner, try an izakaya, where food and alcoholic beverages are consumed in large quantities. End the night with some live music or entertainment.

We hope you enjoy your Shibuya adventure!


[posted by Nadia]


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