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Osaka for Runners: An Exercise Guide

Posted By on May 20, 2015




On a Saturday morning before the rush of day begins, the streets of Osaka in Higobashi area are quiet and uncrowded.  For runners and those who love morning strolls, it is the perfect window in which to explore the city on foot. Along the river, trails are conveniently laid out to provide a scenic route to pedestrians, joggers, and dog walkers alike.




There are many things to see in the area while on foot. Buildings include Festival Plaza, Osaka Science Museum and The National Museum of Art.



Nakanoshima is another place of interest in the surrounding area of Higobashi. In the past, the island exhibited a giant rubber duck which was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.




As the trail is inaccessible to vehicles, it is a safe place to enjoy exercising out in the open. Cities can often be difficult places in which to jog or walk outdoors without safety concerns, but Osaka’s Higobashi area is a great solution to this problem.





Some sections were in development at the end of winter into spring, but they are sure to look lovely come warmer weather when greenery thrives.



There are also several cafes and restaurants along the riverside which will open in warmer weather. These provide a great place to rest after an exercise-filled morning.



The riverside trails are easily accessible from the main city above by ramp or stairs.



It is motivating to see other athletes out and about on a sunny day. Jogging groups can also be seen doing their morning warm-up stretches.



Next time you visit Osaka, make sure to head over to Higobashi for a morning work out session. It’ll be refreshing and a great way to see the city’s understated sites.

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