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Pretty in Tokyo: Hair Services to Try in Tokyo

Posted By on Aug 12, 2015


From digital perms to colored tips to Japanese hair straightening, Japanese salons have it all and do it well. Between the beneficial exchange rate for travelers and the reasonable pricing for high quality service, there are many reasons to give yourself the best souvenir of all: TLC.

Japanese hair straightening is a reliable (and long) process for getting the perfectly straight and soft hair you’ve always wanted. By breaking down the composition of tough or curly hair, this treatment recreates and coats the hair cuticle to create a drastic change. (Highly recommended by this author and lover of Japanese straight perms for years!) While pricing in the United States is prohibitively expensive for a job well done, the Japanese alternative is reasonably priced and meticulously delivered.

Home to trend setters and fashionistas, Tokyo thrives on the latest everything, from hair color to cut. Women (and men!) in Japan take great care to their appearance, and getting frequent and high quality haircuts and coloring is no exception.

With coupons and beauty sites dedicated to bargains, it’s no wonder frequent services are affordable to most people. Haircuts can be purchased for as little as $30 for women. Compared to prices in similar establishments in other big cities around the world, this is an absolute steal.IMG_2080

Worried that your “western hair” will be mistreated? No need to fret. Tokyo is also home to many salons that specialize in thin or curly hair.

You’re all out of excuses now. Pamper yourself on your vacation or business trip!


[posted by Nadia]


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