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Quiet Seaside City Draws Visitors Year-Round

Posted By on Oct 18, 2014


IMG_5063Shimoda, once a bustling port city, is now a quiet town in which to spend a tranquil day by the sea. Everything seems to move more slowly by the seaside city. It’s no wonder visitors travel from far away to relax for a weekend in this sleepy town.

The views of the seas from viewpoints throughout the city are breathtaking. Sparkling from far away, the sea invites visitors to take a swim or at least to relax in its splendor.IMG_5117

While lively entertainment is difficult to be found, there are many tourist attractions related to the town’s history. Perry Road is a must-see for all. Other great locations include the seaside park from which the famous black ships of the area depart.Visitors can ride the ship throughout the day. When visiting, make sure to check the departure times and book in advance.

While walking is the best way to reach many tourist spots due to sparse parking spaces, those hoping to reach nearby beaches are advised to rent a car. During peak seasons, rental cars should be booked well in advance to avoid being stranded in the small city without one!

The best time to visit Shimoda is in the summer, when visitors can take advantage of ocean recreation like swimming. However, fishing and admiring the scenery can be done year-round.


Summer, spring, autumn or winter, be sure to take a relaxing break from metropolitan or suburban life in this quiet escape. The refreshing sea air and leisurely pace of the city and its inhabitants is sure to have you contemplating the things that matter and setting yourself back on course.

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