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‘Ritsurin Koen’ Japanese Garden in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, which was built by the successive feudal lords of Takamatsu domain taking some 100 years, is one of the representative ‘daimyo gardens’ in Japan. *daimyo means feudal lord.

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Speaking of ‘daimyo garden’, the three greatest daimyo gardens, ‘Kenrokuen’, ‘Kairakuen’ and ‘Korakuen’, are well known. But, ‘Ritsurin Koen’ is not inferior to these three gardens, and is highly recommended I personallty think. In fact, this garden is granted the highest rank of three stars in the Michelin Green Books. Once you enter this garden, you will be moved by many pine trees, ponds, rocks, bridges and old houses which have long been elaborately maintained by the specialists from many fields.
The landscape design, being enhanced by its backdrop ‘Shiunzan’ hill as shown in the first picture, is marvelous. Like an old tea house named ‘Higurashi-tei’ with thatched roofs in the second picture, which was built late in the 19th century, there stand many beautiful old houses. ‘Matcha’ green tea with a Japanese sweet is served in the two tea houses in this garden, Higurashi-tei and ‘Kikugetsu-tei’ on a pond as shown in the distance in the second picture.

[posted by Masahisa Takaki]

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