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Ryu-Gu-Kutsu and Toji Sand Slopes

Posted By on Oct 22, 2014



Ryu-Gu-Kutsu, or the Cave of Dragon Palace, is located along the rugged coastline of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka prefecture, not far from the picturesque town of Shimoda.

From above, the cave is a ragged heart cut-out as if stamped by a cookie cutter into rock. From inside, it is a cave of wonders filled with colorful stones, cool splashes of water, and creepy bugs. The views of the seaside from above are breathtaking. On a clear summer day, there are few things more enjoyable than looking out at the seas with a fresh breeze blowing.IMG_4941

Young children enjoy splashing around in the low tide, while adults scramble around on rocks to avoid getting wet. Ryu-Gu-Kutsu is an enjoyable mini-adventure for all.

The cave is accessible by car from Shimoda and surrounding areas. Parking is very limited (and quite a challenging squeeze), so be prepared to wait during busy times. IMG_4937

Immediately next to the cave is the entrance to Toji Sand Slopes and beach. With incredible water and an entertaining sand slope for sliding, this small pocket of fun by the sea is not to be missed. Visitors can rent sleds for 300 yen to feel the thrill of sliding down a steep slope with the breeze of the sea coming straight on.


Beach-goers can also take advantage of swimming or having a picnic on the rocks by the water. The rocky surface isn’t conducive to sunbathing but it does make an excellent backdrop for photos. Shells can be found also in large quantities for those who enjoy shell collecting.

No trip to Shimoda and Izu is complete without a quick stop at the cave and sand slopes. Be sure to check them out on your next visit!

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