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Seaside Cuisine in Tsuruga Fukui

Posted By on May 7, 2014



Driving along the coast, one will come across many mesmerizing views. When looking for astonishing views and fresh seaside dining, drive no further than Fukui prefecture. Follow the coastline for views of beaches, quaint fishing towns, and ragged cliffs. Heading south, the seaside changes abruptly from rocky coasts to picturesque beaches. Every stretch of seaside contains its own kind of beauty.

Towards Tsuruga, one will come across a variety of dining establishments, varying from soba to seafood cuisine. One such restaurant located right along the coast was a treasure of a lunch spot. Sitting by the window overlooking the sea, it’s difficult not to get lost in the endless stretch of blue. On a perfectly sunny day, one can sit for hours admiring the view. While some lunch spots are filled with families during beach season, others remain pleasantly calm and empty during the week, especially before official beach season.IMG_0439


When the meal arrives, it’s only a temporary distraction, as proper admiration is necessary, and then it enriches the experience of dining before an incredible view. On this particular summer day, the variety was large, fresh, and incredible. The fried oysters were tender and juicy. The shellfish was just the right amount of chewy without toughness. The sashimi was thick and bursting with flavor. The seaweed salad and vegetables were refreshing. Finally, the rice and miso soup added the perfect touch of tradition to round out the meal, which was quite filling. Tea and water accompanied the incredible meal, which was reasonably under 2000 yen for such high quality ingredients and preparation.



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