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Shimoda Ropeway Takes Visitors to a Scenic Sanctuary

Posted By on Oct 9, 2014



Near Shimoda Station in Shimoda, Shizuoka, the Shimoda Ropeway takes visitors to a sanctuary of gardens, a temple, and extraordinary views on the top of Mount Nesugata.IMG_4954

The short cable car ride to the top is complete with beautiful views that are only a glimpse of more stunning ones to come. Visitors arrive through the souvenir and snack shop, where anything from regional goods to standard soft-serve ice cream can be purchased. Beyond the commercial area lay the garden trails. Winding along the mountaintop, these trains contain bursts of flowers, quiet benches on which to rest, and incredible views of the seaside far below.IMG_4951

At the top awaits a temple surrounded by small statues dressed in red. Visitors can purchase small clay disks which, if successfully thrown through the clasped double circles to hit the harmony stone downhill, bring ultimate peace and harmony to the thrower. For 200 yen per four-disk set, it’s worth taking a shot at contentment, right?IMG_4972

All together, the trails and various stops take about an hour to see at a comfortable pace. With cable cars running every 15 minutes or so, it is possible to fit this visit into any itinerary of Shimoda.IMG_4984

The best time to visit in autumn is during the end of the day. Cable cars stop running from the base not long after 4pm, making this the best time to witness the golden beams of sunlight cast over the garden and shrine, as well as the sunset over the mountains. It is a sight for all to enjoy.



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