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Shopping & Eating inside of Saidaiji Train Station located Japan’s oldest Capital "NARA" 「奈良 西大寺」

Posted By on Sep 25, 2011


Where am I?? I am in the middle of a station , called Saidaiji. Saidaiji is the city in Nara prefecture. And Nara is the oldest capital of Japan, I am on the way to Nara and Imaicho, another traditional Edo period (17c to 19 c) town. Without going out of a station, I can enjoy shopping, coffee, and even grocery shopping!

Well, I will have my breakfast before I start my trip to Nara and Imaicho! wonderful cafe inside a station! My breakfast Brown rice Onigiri or rice ball and Miso soup! grocery shopping in a station. What shall I cook tonight??


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