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Special Cherry Blossom Nights at Yokohama Sankeien Garden

Posted By on Apr 28, 2014


IMG_3458Sankeien Garden in Yokohama, a bus ride away from Motomachi-Chukagai Station, is a peaceful escape from city life. Known for its beauty throughout the year, the garden celebrates key seasons with special events.

With the blooming of cherry blossoms in early April, Sankeien began its night illuminations from late March to April 6. While the garden usually closes at 4:30PM daily, this special event allowed visitors to enter and stay late.


Prior to sunset, photography aficionados set up their equipment to capture the breathtaking sunset as it lit the sky behind the pagoda and sakura in pink and golden hues. Though the weather that weekend was chilly and periodically dampened with rain, the storm moved away just in time on that Sunday evening. As a result, the night, too, was clear, and the stars and moon brightly shone in the sky.


Sankeien Garden covers a great area, but for the night events, staff members close off most of the garden to visitors. The illuminated center pond and immediate surroundings, however, were open to visitors for cherry blossom viewing enjoyment. As the night was cold, many dropped by the small snack house for traditional dishes such as dango, oden, and amazake. Special sakura-flavored dango were available for the occasion, and the amazake was laced with ginger, which is known to heat the body on cold nights such as this one.


Sankeien is beautiful during the day and in all seasons. However, the night illuminations are truly worth the visit. There is not much in the world more peaceful than a starry night, flowers in bloom, and stillness, like those found at Sankeien during this special event.

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