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Summers in Fukui Prefecture: An Enjoyment Guide

Posted By on Jul 16, 2015




Located on the Sea of Japan far to the west of Japan’s capital city, Fukui prefecture is a hidden oasis. From winter to summer, the prefecture bursts with nature, fresh water and air, and endless opportunities to immerse oneself in the environment. With the sea to the west and lush mountains to the east, Fukui has bountiful nature for every adventurous taste.


While getting to Fukui may not be as convenient as other locations within Japan, it is well-worth the effort. Bullet trains running west from Tokyo will stop at Maibara, at which a transfer gives visitors the option to travel north toward Ishikawa and Fukui. Another alternative is to fly to Komatsu Airport in Ishikawa prefecture and take a train south to Fukui. Either way, the travel pays off.



Within Fukui City, there are many things to see casually. Castle ruins and various temples line the city in addition to beautiful traditional gardens and ponds. Take a stroll around the main city area to learn more about local customs and culture.


For those with a car, a journey north is absolutely essential. From the Asakura ruins to Eiheiji Temple in the east, the sights of Fukui are breathtaking. Further north is Maruoka Town, which boasts one of the oldest remaining castles in Japan. Traveling in a northwest direction will bring visitors to Awara, where there are many fruit picking opportunities throughout summer, and Mikuni, the old port city of Fukui.



Traveling south, visitors will encounter a breathtaking coastal drive and beaches of pure sand. Tsuruga is a main city to visit on the way south; it’s temple is one of the most beautiful in the prefecture.

Continuing toward Hyogo, visitors to Fukui will run across beautiful landscapes and sights, such as Wakasa waterfall. From beach activities to sports, there are activities to be enjoyed throughout the prefecture.

Be sure to visit Fukui this summer!

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