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Taking in the Sea of Japan at Cafe Mare, Echizen Fukui

Posted By on Mar 20, 2014



The waves break on the rocky coast as customers, sipping drinks,  sit on cushioned chairs overlooking the ocean. Any day at Cafe Mare brings respite, relaxation, and a full stomach to its visitors. Located in Echizen, Fukui, along the Sea of Japan, Cafe Mare is about an hour’s drive from Fukui City. Driving down the coast toward Tsuruga, the cozy beach cafe can be found on the right side of the lone road that outlines the coast.


Inside, it is crowded on beautiful, sunny days and rainy, ominous ones as well. The comfort of the ocean is too much to keep visitors, who often stay for hours, away. Once a seat has been secured, it’s smooth sailing. The food menu, while not extensive, is excellent. The winter special is crab chowder, a savory, rich soup garnished with two crab legs and dished into a crisp bread bowl, whose interior is toasted and served with olive oil and salad. Accompany this savory dish with sweet Yuzu soda for a mind-blowing combination.



While the cafe is open year-round, the specialties change seasonally. It may be a trek, but visiting Cafe Mare throughout the year is worth it. Enjoying seasonal foods while relaxing by the ocean is enticing enough for most visitors. Also, when the weather gets warm, the cafe is opened out to the back terrace, so visitors can also feel the fresh sea breeze. The small boardwalk overlooking the sea makes it possible to take a nice stroll after a filling meal.

Unfortunately, the restaurant generally closes at sunset; however, this means visitors can still see the sun setting into the sea before they head home. Regardless the time of the year, it’s not a sight that can be missed. Grab a GPS, make your way along the scenic coast, and visit Cafe Mare before the crab chowder is all gone!




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