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‘Tezuka Osamu’, a very well-known cartoonist for his works such as ‘Astro Boy’, ‘Jungle Emperor’ and ‘Princess Knight’, established a foundation for a feature-length cartoon.

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‘Tezuka Osamu’ was a cartoonist with a medical license. He stood out in the field of a comic strip in a paper soon after the second World War, and issued ‘New Treasure Island’ that was highly evaluated as Japan’s first feature-length cartoon.
He moved to Tokyo from Osaka, his home town, while making many SF feature-length cartoons. He lived in ‘Tokiwa-so’ two story wooden apartment in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, which was a legendary mecca for cartoonists. ‘Terada Hiroo’, ‘Fujiko Fujio’, ‘Ishinomori Shotaro’ and ‘Akatsuka Fujio’, these big names lived in the same apartment at the same time. ‘Astro Boy’ and ‘Jungle Emperor’ were loved all over the world and he is also known as the father of animation in Japan. The pictures show ‘Tezuka Osamu Museum’ in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, where he lived for a long time when he was young.

[posted by Masahisa Takaki]

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