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The Ritz Carlton Tokyo 「リッツ・カールトン東京」 Ultimate Luxury and heartfelt hospitality

Posted By on Sep 25, 2011


Absorb the international culture of Tokyo’s Roppongi District, the city’s entertainment, diplomatic and business hub. Here, the latest trends in food, fashion and luxury retail coexist with the ancient temples and nearby ruins. At The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Tokyo, Japan, you can revel in it all from a room atop of tallest dramatic skyscraper in Tokyo.

Deluxe Room
52 sqm. Offering dynamic View of Shinjuku, Imperial Palace , Mt. Fuji from luxurious and spacious room. Located on floors 47 – 51. Choice of one king or two double beds.

Carlton Suite
120 sqm. All “Carlton Suite” rooms are situated in every corners on floors 47-51, and commanding two different views.

Tokyo Mid Town 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6245

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